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Discount stores in paris

discount stores in paris

are divided by brand, from Bottega Veneta, to Vuitton. Okay, the quality might not be superb, but who wants a pair of leggings to last for years? To Louis Vuitton luggage. It's.05.08 or other amount, depending in which state you shop. These Dior shoes with the fabulous heel were marked at 299. The quality generally follows the prices, but if youre looking for basics, especially light clothes for the summer or accessories, Tati offers some great deals). On lines going out to the far suburbs - same in Paris. Stores do need to get rid of stuff and what would they do with it?

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Where to find them: You ll find at least one branch of these chains in most of the major, paris shopping districts, especially on Rue de Rivoli (1st and 4th arrondissements at the Forum des Halles, on the Champs-Elysees and at three of the popular.
If youre looking for Paris styles at a discount, youll want to plan to visit the best outlet malls outside of the city.

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In January you also find great winter sweaters and coats for almost half price. Andre Stock: For Shoes. First I try to be in blush kupong Paris during the bi-annual sales, which are taking place in January and in August. In August, stores really need to get rid of their summer lines to be ready for the more somber back-to-school collections, as schools are back in session the first Monday in September. Worn that 1,000 pair of shoes from Chanel once for that special party? . As one Parisian told me, she starts her morning in the 8th arrondissement next door on Ave Montaigne and Faubourg. On two floors, the racks are jammed with fine clothing. But if you are flexible enough and open minded, you will get great bargains. Also, remember that in Paris, or in all of France for that matter, sales taxes are always included in the prices, so if something is advertised for 1 Euro, it will be 1 Euro at the cash register, unlike in America where 1 is never.

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